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Nano-Micro is devoted to developing world-leading technologies for the production of the highest quality and the widest selection of uniformly sized nano- and microspheres (microparticles). The company is capable of supplying monodisperse particles of almost any size ranging from 5 nanometers to 1000 microns of different materials, structures, and functionalities. Nano-Micro’s provide a broad spectrum of products including high performance chromatography media, solid phase extraction (SPE) sorbents, particle size standards, magnetic particles, LCD spacer, ACF conductive particles, and various other customized functional microsphere products. 



Nano-Micro has built “state-of-the-art” 13000 square-meter manufacturing facility in Suzhou Industrial Park, equipped with the most advanced analytical instruments and reliable quality control system to guarantee high quality and consistent performance of products sold worldwide.


Our high performance monodispersed microsphere products include:   

l Silica Chromatographic media (Silica Gel)

l Polymeric Chromatographic media

l Ion Exchange Chromatographic Media

l Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatographic Media

l Protein A Affinity Media

l Gel Permeation Chromatography Media

l Carbohydrate Analysis Media

l Prepacked HPLC columns

l Solid Phase Extraction Sorbents

l Polystyrene Particle Size Standards

l Silica Particle Size Standards

l Magnetic Microspheres

l Polymer Spacers

l Silica Spacers

l Nickel-plated Resin Microspheres

l Gold-plated Resin Microspheres

l Light Diffusing Microspheres

l Latex Particles

l More…….


Chromatography Media: Nano-Micro produces the most complete range of monodisperse chromatographic media and SPE sorbents based on acrylic polymers, polystyrene or silica. The spherical and monodisperse sorbents with precisely controlled uniform particle size, optimized pore structure and surface functionalization provide high resolution, excellent selectivity, low back pressure, high recovery yield, and exceptional batch-to-batch reproducibility. Nano-Micro is one of the few companies having capability to manufacture both polymeric and silica based chromatography media for reversed phase, normal phase, ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, affinity and Protein A affinity chromatographic separations. Both monodisperse non-porous and porous (100 Å, 300 Å, 500 Å, 1000 Å) media with a size selection as small as 1.7µm for UPLC, and as large as 100µm for process-scale chromatography, are available from Nano-Micro.



LCD Spacer: Nano-Micro provide a complete line of high quality resin and silica spacers wiith precisely control the particle size, particle size distribution, hardness and surface characteristics. NM Spacers composed of highly crosslinked polymer or silica have very tight particle size distribution, and excellent resistance against heat, cold and chemicals.



Conductive Microspheres: Nano-Micro provides high quality nickel-plated resin particles and gold-plated resin particles for microelectronic interconnection. These electrically conductive particles are dispersed in an adhesive binder as anisotropic conductive film (ACF) or anisotropic conductive paste (ACP) employed in the LCD assembly process.  Nano-Micro’s conductive products have outstanding size uniformity, high conductivity, appropriate elasticity and strong adhesion between the metal layer and the resin core.  The products are designed for fine pitch electrode coupling in electronic products such as COG and used for vertical conduction between two glass plates on LCD panel.



Magnetic Particles: Nano-Micro provides a series of magnetic particles with narrow size distribution and super-paramagnetism. These small magnetic particles have a resin core and an iron oxide layer sandwiched between the core and an outermost layer. The outermost layer of the particles is inorganic SiO2 or a functionalized polymer which completely covers iron oxide to prevent it from potentially incompatible interaction with biomaterials. These magnetic particles have a very good dispersity with well controlled particle size and narrow particle size distribution. 




Particle Size Standard: Nano-Micro supplies a full range of size standard microspheres based on both silica and polystyrene.  All of them are determined by Coulter Counter, DPS Disk Centrifuge, Dynamic Light Scattering, TEM, SEM, and Optical Microscope against Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S. Department of Commerce(NIST).  The particle sizes of these microspheres are therefore traceable to globally recognized primary standards of NIST SRMs. 



The application of microsphere is endl ess, Nano-Micro continues to evolve and expand the microsphere products to serve the rapidly growing industries with its cutting edge technologies. Welcome to visit our website and explore magic world of microsphere.





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