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Technical Service

Nano-Micro is committed to the development and renovation of particle technologies to meet the ever increasing needs of our customers. We offer more than 5000 varieties of high quality and large selection of uniformly sized nano and microspheres.  The particle sizes range from a few nanometers to one thousand microns. These spherical and uniform particles can be porous, non-porous, or core-shell structures; we provide the most complete lines of polymeric, inorganic, or composite microspheres with various functional groups.

Our “state-of-the-art” manufacturing facilities and advanced analysis equipment as well as reliable quality control system guarantee the quality and reproducibility of our products. In addition to our commercial products, we are proud to provide a variety of custom syntheses and technical services to our customers.

1. Custom syntheses of trial or bulk volume of uniform microspheres
Nano-Micro is a world leader in the design and synthesis of uniform microspheres. Reactors of various sizes are in active service for the production of uniform microspheres. We are happy to provide customized synthesis and offer products based on customer’s needs.

2. Custom surface modification and functionalization of microspheres
Nano-Micro accumulates an expertise in surface chemistry technology, particularly in the modification and functionalization of hydrophobic surface of polymer microsphere into hydrophilic surface to eliminate non-specific binding. We also provide custom surface functionalization of SiO2 and Fe3O4 microparticles.

3. Particle Size Classification
Nano-Micro offers custom particle size classification service to narrow the particle size distribution.

4. Particle characterization

Particle Size and Size Distribution Measurement: Beckman Coulter Counter, CPS Centrifuge, optical microscope, SEM, TEM, etc.

Particle Hardness Test: Micro compression tester

Particle Surface Charge Test: Zeta potential analyzer
Particle Surface Functional Group Analysis: FTIR spectrometer, analytical titrator
Particle Water Content Test: Moisture analyzer
Particle Surface Morphology Analysis: SEM and TEM

Total Solution for Natural Product and Biological Product Separation and Purification
Nano-Micro accumulates extensive experience in developing processes for separation and purification of organic, natural, and biopharmaceutical products. The separation and purification cover small molecules to peptides and proteins. Nano-Micro manufactures a complete line of high performance chromatography media including silica-based and polymer-based reversed phase, normal phase, ion exchange, size exclusion, hydrophobic interaction, and affinity media. We have also accumulated a variety of proprietary expertise, techniques, and skills for fast and economical separation and purification processes.





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