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Product Quality Control and Regulatory Support

Quality Control

Our precision controlled technology, “state-of-the-art” manufacturing facilities, advanced analytical instruments, and reliable quality control system guarantee the high quality and batch to batch reproducibility of products. Nano-Micro manufacturing site is ISO9001 certified. We pass many national and international pharmaceutical customer audits.  We can provided consistent chromatography media of precisely controlled character to hundred customers all over the world including large biopharmaceutical companies. We also supply Regulatory Support File (RSF) for process registration need.


Manufacturing Quality and Consistency

Separation and resolution of biomolecules are tested for each batch of media


Batch to Batch Reproducibility

Separation and resolution of biomolecules are tested for each batch of media


Our Quality Policy

l A clear focus on customer needs, product quality, on-time delivery and customer service.

l The maintenance of a Quality Management System including quality policies, objectives, and metrics that meet Nanomicro organization and business goals.

l The personal commitment of our employees to customer satisfaction and fulfillment of their responsibilities within the Bioprocessing organization.

l Management’s commitment to excellence through periodic review and continual improvement in our policies, objectives, processes, products, services, and business activities.

l Management’s commitment to comply with all applicable regulatory and statutory requirements


Manufacturing Management Structure


Quality Management System Flow Chart


Nano-Micro Headquater


Large Scale Manufacturing Capability



Lab Analytical Equipments

HPLC Instruments for Purification and Analysis


Lab Instruments for Particle Characterization

Warehouse Management





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