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Applications in Display & Microelectronics

NM Plastic Spacer

In liquid crystal displays (LCD), the liquid crystal layer is sandwiched between two glass panels.  Spacer supports the two glass panels in LCD.  It is very important to control the thickness of the LC layer or gap between the glass panels for best display performance. Variations of the gap spacing cause distortion of color across the viewing area which downgrades the quality of the display.  Plastic microspheres of uniform particle size are typically used as LCD spacer to provide an accurate gap spacing. NM Plastic Spacer having tight particle size distribution, suitable hardness, and excellent resistanceagainst heat, cold and chemicals is ideal for controlling the thickness of the LC layer.


NM Silica Spacer
Silica microspheres are also used in liquid crystal displays (LCD) for controlling the gap spacing of the two glass panels containing the LC layer.  In particular, silica spacers dispersed in an adhesive are employed to seal the edges of the LCD frame while controlling the frame gap spacing.  When compared to plastic spacers, silica spacers have much higher hardness and resistance to pressure.  NM Silica Spacer is widely used for gap spacing control in LCD frame as well as LCD viewing area.


Black Spacer
Nano-Micro has developed black microspheres based on a proprietary composite of silica and polymer.  These composite microspheres are intensely black and darker than other similar products on the market.  Employed as a spacer in liquid crystal displays (LCD), the black microspheres not only control the thickness of the liquid crystal layer but also prevent leakage of light through the microspheres to improve the contrast of the LCD panel.


FaraBead® Gold Particles
Nano-Micro provides high quality FaraBead® gold-plated particles for microelectronic packaging in electronics manufacturing.  With increasing resolutions and decreasing number of circuit chips or modules in liquid-crystal displays (LCD), the input/output (I/O) density in integrated circuit increases while the size and pitch of the interconnection bumps are becoming very small.   FaraBead® Au particles are electrically conductive and typically dispersed in a binder to form anisotropic conductive adhesive (ACA) materials such as anisotropic conductive film (ACF) or anisotropic conductive paste (ACP) employed in the connection of microelectrodes. Designed specifically for vertical connection of fine-pitch electrodes, FaraBead® Au conductive particles are used, for example, in the interconnect between the two glass panels in the fabrication of LCD cells.


FaraBead® Nickel Particles
FaraBead® nickel-plated particles produced by Nano-Micro have outstanding size uniformity, high conductivity, and appropriate elasticity.  There is also a strong adhesion between the metal layer and the resin core of FaraBead® Ni particles.  As a conductive filler, FaraBead® Ni particles are present in coatings, adhesives, printing ink, plastics, and rubber to provide electrical conductivity, electromagnetic shielding, and antistatic resistance in electronics, communication devices, and avionics.





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