Magnetic Agarose Beads

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MagneStar® MA series products are magnetic agarose microspheres prepared by dispersing magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles of about 10 nm in agarose microspheres. These composite particles contain about 6% agarose and their particle size range between 40 – 120 μm. The surface of magnetic agarose microspheres is coupled with Protein A or Ni-NTA affinity ligand, which can be used in small-scale antibody/protein purification, immunoprecipitation, pull-down experiments and other scenarios. Magnetic agarose microspheres with other functional groups or unmodified are available as customized products.

Technical Characteristics:

Material: Fe3O4 / Crosslinked Agarose

Particle size: 40-120μm

Surface modification: carboxyl , amino, Protein A,Protein G,Ni NTA,Glutathione,Ni NTA,Glutathione

Solid content: 25% gel suspension

Preservation solution: pure water or neutral buffer

Preservation method: Store at 2 –8°C, do not freeze.