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  • Name: Metal-chelate Affinity Media
  • Id: AF001

Metal chelating affinity chromatography is widely used in purification of His-tagged recombinant protein. The immobilized metal affinity chromatography resin provides exceptional binding capacity and performance for recombinant His-tagged protein purification. UniNi affinity resin consisting of chelating resins charged with nickel ions is specifically designed to capture and purify histidine containing proteins.

UniNi affinity chromatography resin is based on monodisperse rigid porous polymer beads coating with a highly hydrophilic intermediate layer, following by attached with an optimized density of chelating ligands. The resulting metal affinity resins have low non-specific bindings and high capacity for histidine containing proteins.

The resin is easy to work with and convenient to be packed in a wide variety of column, PP series (e.g. PP 7/25) up to GL series (e.g. GL 26/460) could be prepared easily.



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