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  • Name: Stevia Extraction- Uni®PMM 50-Carb
  • Id: AI003

Stevia is a perennial herb and all of the plant parts have an intensively sweet taste. Extracts of Stevia is low in calories and used as an excellent healthy substitute for sugar and artificial sweeteners. The crude extracts are typically purified by filtration, resin adsorption, de-coloration followed by multiple recrystallization. The resulting extracts are usually a mixture of Rebaudioside A (RA), Rebaudioside C (RC), Stevioside (STV), Dulcoside A (DA), and Steviobioside (STVB). It has been a challenge for the food industry to isolate single components from the extracts with purity higher than 95%.

Uni®PMM-Carb resins are specifically designed for easy isolation and purification of Stevioside. Based on polymeric material, the resins have uniform particle size (Figure A), optimized pore structure , functional groups and composition which allow for a very effective resolution of the mixture containing Stevioside with high purity and yield in large-scale chromatography process.

Technical Specification for Uni®PMM 50-Carb


Separation and Purification of Stevioside by Uni®PMM 50-Carb
The major components of Stevia extracts are Rebaudioside A (RA), Rebaudioside C (RC), and Stevioside (STV). Each of these components can be readily isolated by using Uni®PMM 50-Carb with high purity and excellent yield.





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