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  • Name: UniVanco for Vancomycin Purification
  • Id: AI002

Nano-Micro has developed a Uni®Vanco chromatography medium specially designed for high efficient separation and purification of Vancomycin.  Uni®Vanco is a spherical and monodisperse sorbent with precisely controlled diameter and optimized pore structure.  Uni®Vanco provides excellent selectivity, high retention capacity, low back pressure, minimal elution volume, and high recovery yield of Vancomycin. In comparison with the currently commercially available sorbents, Uni®Vanco possesses distinctly high efficiency in removing dichloro vancomycin. Uni®Vanco media is very stable in almost all aqueous solutions including NaOH (1 M) and HCl (1 M), and organic solvents, such as IPA, DMSO, THF, Methanol, Acetone, Acetonitrile, guanidine hydrochloride (6 M), etc.


Features and Benefits of Uni®Vanco Chromatography Media


Technical Specifications


Dynamic Binding Capacity of Uni®Vanco for Vancomycin

Uni®Vanco exhibits much higher dynamic binding capacity for Vancomycin and leads to a much higher recovery yield and purity than competitor’s adsorbents as shown below.  



Chromatography Data for Vancomycin





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