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Nano-Micro is the world’s first and only company that supplies monodisperse SPE sorbents, thereby stirring up the SPE market of using sorbents of broad particle size distribution or particles of irregular shape.  Traditionally, monodisperse sorbents are used only in high end chromatography and analysis columns.  Under optical microscope the following pictures show that the first generation silica sorbents are irregular in shape, the second generation is polymer spherical particles but with a broad particle size distribution.  The new generation, Nano-Micro Tech’s Uni series SPE sorbents, is perfectly spherical and uniform in size as well as high in surface area and surface functional group density.

Uni®BPC Series,Water-Wettable Reverse Phase Sorbents

Formulated specifically by Nano-Micro, Uni-BPC SPE sorbents are produced with a special polymerization technique.  They are a reverse phase sorbent wettable by water with a balanced hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity capable of satisfying most SPE needs.  Using monomers with desired functionality in copolymerization, monodisperse microspheres are made with outstanding ability to retain polar compounds.  They are quite suitable for the isolation of compounds of no or medium polarity.  Because of large surface area, Uni-BPC has a very high adsorption capacity which not only effectively reduces breakthough, but also substantially decreases the volume of eluent passing through a compact column thereby raising the experiment stability and speed.  Uni-BPC is suitable for separation and isolation of a very wide range of organic compounds such as barbiturates, antibiotics, phthalazines, caffeine, drugs, dyes, aromatic oil, lipid soluble vitamins,fungicides, herbicides, agriculture chemicals, hydrocarbon compounds, phenols, phthalates, steroids,surfactants, water-soluble vitamins, etc.

Uni®RPC-SCX Series, Mixed-mode Cation Exchange and Reverse Phase Sorbents

Uni®RPC-SCX SPE sorbents are polymer microspheres with covalently bonded sulfate groups.  Their function based on a mixed mode of strong ion exchange and hydrophobicity interaction is to separate and analyze basic compounds such as amphetamines, melamine, chlorpheniramine, phencyclidine, etc.

Because of high surface area and ion exchange capacity of sulfate groups, Uni®RPC-SCX can effectively and steadily adsorb basic compounds, and retain them favorably well in comparison with known products from current leading companies.

The excellent quality of Nano-Micro Uni®RPC-SCX sorbents holds the stability of bonded phase in a broad pH range of 1 to 14 greatly widened the conditions for experiment exploration.  Furthermore, Uni®RPC-SCX SPE columns have unique monodisperse sorbents which enhance flow rate stability and improve recovery thus providing good product reproducibility on large scale manufacturing.

Uni®RPC-SAX Series,Mixed-mode Strong Anion Exchange and Reverse Phase Sorbents

Uni®RPC-SAX SPE columns are used for isolation and purification of acidic compounds in basic or neutral medium.   Based on polymer microspheres with covalently bonded quaternary ammonium functional groups, Uni®RPC-SAX has a mixed mode of operation combining strong anion exchange and hydrophobicity.  Uni®RPC-SAX could quickly and steadily recover acidic compounds from the samples for purification, for example, estrone, adenine, nucleosides, etc.





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