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  • 产品概要: UniSil® is a series of monodisperse spherical porous silica gels used for chromatography, produced by Suzhou Nanomicrotech Co. Ltd. from its unique patented technology that is developed in-house.
  • 产品概要: The polymeric matrix, monodispersion and optimal porosity give rise to beneficial features of high resolution and loading capacity, strong rigidity, resistance against acid and base, low back pressure, long lifetime and low non-specific adsorption.
  • 产品概要: Nano-Micro offers Uni®Gel,Uni®,Uni®MSP, and Nano series of monodisperse ion exchange chromatography media. These ion exchange media meet the demands of downstream processing, from capture, intermediate purification, polishing and analysis.
  • 产品概要: HIC is used to separate proteins on the basis of relative hydrophobicity. The unique feature of HIC is that proteins bind at high salt concentration and elute at low salt concentration.
  • 产品概要: Uni®Mab is a high performance Protein A affinity chromatography medium. This medium is based on the monodisperse porous poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) microspheres as the matrix, and a genetically modified protein A as the ligand.
  • 产品概要: Metal chelating affinity chromatography is widely used in purification of His-tagged recombinant protein.
  • 产品概要: In ligand exchange, the negatively charged hydroxyl groups in carbohydrate molecules interact with the positively charged metal containing groups on the chromatography substrates. The carbohydrates are eluted by polar water mobile phase.
  • 产品概要: NM-Gel Beads are styrene and divinylbenzne copolymer, which is non porous gel beads in dry state, but becomes porous matrix after swelling in suitable organic solvents.
  • 产品概要: Uni®Vanco provides excellent selectivity, high retention capacity, low back pressure, minimal elution volume, and high recovery yield of Vancomycin.
  • 产品概要: Stevia is a perennial herb and all of the plant parts have an intensively sweet taste. Extracts of Stevia is low in calories and used as an excellent healthy substitute for sugar and artificial sweeteners.

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