Company Introduction

Suzhou NanoMicro Technology Co., Ltd Established in Biobay, Suzhou in 2007, NanoMicro is the world leader in the manufacture of spherical, mono-disperse particles utilizing our proprietary manufacturing processes which enable high yield, cost effective production of such particles for a wide variety of industries and applications. NanoMicro's products cover a broad spectrum of applications including high performance chromatography media, solid phase extraction (SPE) sorbents, particle size standards, magnetic particles, LCD spacers, ACF conductive particles, and various other micro particles.Our chromatography products are available in a variety of polymer formats with particle sizes from analytical through to preparative scale. Our proprietary expertise in controlling particle morphology and surface chemistry can be precisely tailored to optimize for solutes ranging from the smallest API to large constructs such as viruses and viral vectors. A wide range of surface chemistries is available from RPC/chiral for small molecules to ion exchange/affinity for biomolecules.
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Core technologies

  • Substrate Particle

    Substrate particles build the foundation of the mechanical and chemical stability in LC columns. The substrate particles used in NanoChrom's LC columns are based on the latest innovation on particle technology

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  • Surface Bonding Chemistry

    The chemistry of a column strongly influences column selectivity, the determining factor in separation.Two key aspects of column chemistry are its surface bonding chemistry and functional group.

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  • Industrial Scale Production

    One of our key advantages over other competitors is our industrial scale production ability in several hundred kilogram a batch of monodispersed particles, to meet our customer needs from small scale HPLC analysis to large scale purification with very low cost. NanoMicro has four state of the art, ISO certified R&D and Manufacturing facilities located in East China’s Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces to meet customer purification demands. Our rigorous quality control process ensures our excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility.

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Company Development


NanoMicro was set up by Doc.Jiang at Suzhou BioBay


Polymer spacer microsphere


Conductive Spacer


​Magnetic microsphere


Production and compliance

Personalized and novel therapies are changing the treatment landscape at a rapid pace. With 4 of the 5 approved CAR-T cell therapies including Cytiva solutions, we are helping our customers adapt to industry trends and bring these therapeutics to market.

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