Core technologies

NanoMicro Technology has the core patented technologies of synthesis of microspheres and related materials, which can precisely customize microsphere materials at the micron, submicron to nano levels according to the key needs of the pharmaceutical industry, photoelectric display, electronic connection, food detection, medical diagnosis, standard measurement, environmental detection and other fields, and precisely control the size, morphology, material composition, and surface functionalization that provide high-quality products for various industries.


NanoMicro Technology integrates interdisciplinary technologies such as chemistry, physics, biology, material science, and electronics. Through more than ten years of continuous R&D and innovation, it has many independent intellectual property rights:

 Key technologies for precise control of particle size and particle size distribution of nano to micron spheres
 Key technologies for precise regulation of pore size, pore size distribution and specific surface area of nano to micron spheres
 Key technologies of surface modification and functionalization of nano to micron spheres
 Industrial large scale production technology of nano to micron spheres