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Different HIC columns can be offered by Suzhou Nanomicro Technology, including which are prepacked with our polymer based HIC resin families like NanoHR (PS-DVB)UniHR (PMMA),Uni(PMMA)or suger based HIC resin families like NW Rose(agarose), NW Rose Plus(agarose). These HIC resin families have frequently used functional groups including Phenyl/Octyl/Butyl/Ether.

These columns differ in size and column hardware materials. Normally small columns (NmTRAP/NmSCREEN/NmVALID/NmLOAD) with column bed volumn range from 1 to 5 mL are offered for early stage media screen, and 10 to 50 mL (NmVALID/NmPREP/NmLOAD)for chromatography purification method development and optimization, 100mL to 500mL (NmVALID/NmLOAD)for method characterization and validation, and also prepacked columns from 2 to 10 L(NmPILOT)for pilot scale purification and product preparation.

ColumnsColumn BedColumn Hardware MaterialsMax PressurePrefix Code
SeriesNameID(mm)H(mm)Volume (mL)MPa
NmTRAPNmTRAP 1 mL7.7221PP177221-
NmTRAP 5 mL1625516255-
NmSCREENNmSCREEN 4.7 mL7.71004.777105
NmPREPNmPREP 16/100161002016103
NmPREP 26/100261005326103
NmVALIDNmVALID 8/10081005GLASS308101-
NmVALID 8/20082001008201-
NmVALID 8/30083001508301-
NmVALID 8/40084002008401-
NmVALID 8/50085002508501-
NmVALID 8/60086003008601-
NmVALID 11/1001110092.511101-
NmVALID 11/200112001911201-
NmVALID 11/300113002811301-
NmVALID 11/400114003811401-
NmVALID 11/500115004711501-
NmVALID 11/600116005711601-
NmLOADNmLOAD 16/1001610020216101-
NmLOAD 16/200162004016201-
NmLOAD 16/300163006016301-
NmLOAD 16/400164008016401-
NmLOAD 16/5001650010016501-
NmLOAD 16/6001660012116601-
NmLOAD 26/10026100531.526101-
NmLOAD 26/2002620010626201-
NmLOAD 26/3002630015926301-
NmLOAD 26/4002640021226401-
NmLOAD 26/5002650026526501-
NmLOAD 26/6002660031826601-
NmLOAD 50/100501001960.350101-
NmLOAD 50/2005020039350201-
NmLOAD 50/3005030058950301-
NmLOAD 50/4005040078550401-
NmLOAD 50/5005050098150501-
NmLOAD 50/60050600117850601-
NmPILOTNmPILOT 100/100100100785PP0.510105-
NmPILOT 100/150100150117810155-
NmPILOT 100/200100200157010205-
NmPILOT 200/10020010031400.320105-
NmPILOT 200/150200150471020155-
NmPILOT 200/200200200628020205-

We offer products with various size with prepacked HIC resins. For detailed ordering information, please contact local sales or leave a message on this website.