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Different SEC columns can be offered by Suzhou Nanomicro Technology, including which are prepacked with our agarose based SEC resins like NW Super 75/100/150/200/300 or dextran based SEC resins like NW Dex G-10/15/25/50/75/100.

These columns differ in size and column hardware materials. Normally short column bed height from 20mm to 300mm are used for group separation especially for desalting, and longer column bed height from 100 to 600, even 1000mm are used for fractionation like proteins and polymers with different molecular weight or molecular size.

For SEC columns, short bed height can be packed with NmTRAP/NmSCREEN/NmPREP/NmVALID/NmLOAD/NmPILOT columns ranging from 1mL to some liters, and longer bed height can be packed with NmVALID/NmLOAD columns ranging from 20mL to 750mL.

ColumnsColumn BedColumn Hardware MaterialsMax PressurePrefix Code
SeriesNameID(mm)H(mm)Volume (mL)MPa
NmTRAPNmTRAP 1 mL7.7221PP177221-
NmTRAP 5 mL1625516255-
NmSCREENNmSCREEN 4.7 mL7.71004.777105
NmPREPNmPREP 16/100161002016103
NmPREP 26/100261005326103
NmVALIDNmVALID 8/10081005GLASS308101-
NmVALID 8/20082001008201-
NmVALID 8/30083001508301-
NmVALID 8/40084002008401-
NmVALID 8/50085002508501-
NmVALID 8/60086003008601-
NmVALID 11/1001110092.511101-
NmVALID 11/200112001911201-
NmVALID 11/300113002811301-
NmVALID 11/400114003811401-
NmVALID 11/500115004711501-
NmVALID 11/600116005711601-
NmLOADNmLOAD 16/1001610020216101-
NmLOAD 16/200162004016201-
NmLOAD 16/300163006016301-
NmLOAD 16/400164008016401-
NmLOAD 16/5001650010016501-
NmLOAD 16/6001660012116601-
NmLOAD 26/10026100531.526101-
NmLOAD 26/2002620010626201-
NmLOAD 26/3002630015926301-
NmLOAD 26/4002640021226401-
NmLOAD 26/5002650026526501-
NmLOAD 26/6002660031826601-
NmLOAD 50/100501001960.350101-
NmLOAD 50/2005020039350201-
NmLOAD 50/3005030058950301-
NmLOAD 50/4005040078550401-
NmLOAD 50/5005050098150501-
NmLOAD 50/60050600117850601-
NmPILOTNmPILOT 100/100100100785PP0.510105-
NmPILOT 100/150100150117810155-
NmPILOT 100/200100200157010205-
NmPILOT 200/10020010031400.320105-
NmPILOT 200/150200150471020155-
NmPILOT 200/200200200628020205-

We offer products with various size with prepacked SEC resins. For detailed ordering information, please contact local sales or leave a message on this website.