Flow Cytometry Absolute Counting Beads

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Our flow cytometry absolute counting beads is designed for the accurate enumeration of cells. This series of products are fluorescently dyed or unstained microspheres with a particle size in the micrometer range and are provided as suspension of a known concentration. This series of microspheres are accurately counted by Resistance method Particle Counter and has a highly uniform particle size distribution and fluorescence intensity distribution (CV < 5%). The absolute number of cells in a sample can be determined by the signal of light scattered by a flow cytometer using unstained absolute counting beads. Fluorescently stained microspheres can generate signals in commonly used fluorescent channels such as FITC, PE, Cy5, APC, Cy7, etc., and differentiate from the detected cell population, thereby evaluating the ratio of microspheres to cells to calculate the number of cells. Rainbow Fluorescent Microspheres generate signals on all commonly used fluorescence channels and are suitable for cell counting in multicolor flow assays.

  Material: Polystyrene (PS)

  Mean Diameter:3.0 –9.0 μm

  Particle Concentration:106 beads/mL

  Density:1.05 g/cm3

  Refractive Index:1.59(589 nm)

  Preservation solution: pure water (containing 0.05% (w/v) Proclin® 300)

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Particle Concentration


YCT300-BlankYCTBL-300Blank,3.0 μm


10 mL

YCT500-BlankYCTBL-500Blank,5.0 μm1e6
YCT600-BlankYCTBL-600Blank,6.0 μm1e6
YCT700-BlankYCTBL-700Blank,7.0 μm1e6
YCT800-BlankYCTBL-800Blank,8.0 μm1e6
YCT800-BlankYCTBL-900Blank,9.0 μm1e6
YCT500-FITCYCTFG-500FITC,5.0 μm1e6
YCT700-FITCYCTFG-700FITC,7.0 μm1e6
YCT900-FITCYCTFG-900FITC,9.0 μm1e6
YCT500-PEYCTFY-500PE,5.0 μm1e6
YCT700-PEYCTFY-700PE,7.0 μm1e6
YCT900-PEYCTFY-900PE,9.0 μm1e6
YCT500-APCYCTFR-500APC,5.0 μm1e6
YCT700-APCYCTFR-700APC,7.0 μm1e6
YCT900-APCYCTFR-900APC,9.0 μm1e6
YCT500-CY7YCTFI-500CY7,5.0 μm1e6
YCT700-CY7YCTFI-700CY7,7.0 μm1e6
YCT900-CY7YCTFI-900CY7,9.0 μm1e6
YCT500-RainbowYCTRB-500Rainbow color,5.0 μm1e6
YCT700-RainbowYCTRB-700Rainbow color,5.0 μm1e6
YCT900-RainbowYCTRB-900Rainbow color,5.0 μm1e6