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MagneStar® MS series products are magnetic silicon oxide microspheres with a core-shell structure, with a superparamagnetic iron oxide core inside and a silicon oxide shell on the outside. This series of microspheres are all in sub-micron size, and the hydrophilicity of the silica surface ensures good dispersion of the microspheres in water. The unmodified microspheres have silanol groups on their surface and can extract DNA and RNA from blood, cell culture fluids, animal and plant tissues, and forensic samples. Carboxyl-modified microspheres are suitable for PCR product purification and NGS fragment screening. Magnetic silica microspheres modified with other functional groups (thiol, epoxy, etc.) are available as customized products.

MagneStar® MS500-SiOH and –COOH (core-shell structure, ~ 0.5 μm) beads have proven applications in coronavirus RNA extraction for COVID-19 tests.

Technical Characteristics:

Material: Fe3O4 / SiO2

Particle size: 0.30μm / 0.50μm / 0.70μm

Solid content: 4.0% w/v (hydroxyl); 2.0% w/v (carboxyl or amino)

Surface modification: hydroxyl, carboxyl , or amino

Preservation solution: pure water or neutral buffer

Preservation method: Store at 2 –8°C, do not freeze.