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MagneStar® MP are magnetic polymer microspheres with sandwich-type structures. Their interior is a porous polymer microsphere core, the exterior is coated with polymer cladding, and the magnetic material is filled in the pores between the two. These magnetic microspheres have monodispersed particle size and proprietary multilayer coatings that provide optimized surface properties to satisfy variable applications. This series of products are widely used in various fields of immunodetection and immunoisolation, and can be used in magnetic particle chemiluminescence, immunoprecipitation and co-precipitation, cell magnetic separation, nucleic acid specific capture and many other aspects.

Technical Characteristics:

Material: Fe3O4 / Polymer

Particle size: 1.5μm / 3.0μm / 5.5μm / 10μm / 20μm

Surface modification: carboxyl , amino, streptavidin, protein A

Solid content: 2.0% w/v (Carboxyl, amino); 1.0% w/v (Streptavidin, protein A)

Preservation solution: pure water or neutral buffer

Preservation method: Store at 2 –8°C, do not freeze.